High School Skills Camps

High School Skills Camps

This camp is in its 41st year and while it started as a camp for just QB’s and WR’s, it now hosts all of the skilled positions of QB, RB, WR, TE, LB, and DB. With all of these positions represented the players are able to participate in very competitive 1-on-1 and 7-on-7 drills. In addition LB’s, TE’s and RB’s compete against each other in an inside drill to develop their blocking techniques, LB run reads, and ball carrying techniques.  Although there is considerable upper body contact in these drills, no one is taken to the ground and player safety is emphasized in all drills.

Last years attendance exceeded 350 campers in 3 different sessions in Indiana and Illinois. Each session consists of 7 practice “Opportunities”, spread over 3 days on college campuses. Players are housed in college dorms and they are fed in their dining facilities.

All players are in Helmets and Shoulder Pads for their protection and contact is minimal and above the waist.  HS players from Ohio and Michigan are not required to bring Shoulder Pads as their state rules prohibit the use of shoulder pads in the summer camps.

The coaching staffs are composed of High School and College coaches and the ratio of coach to player never exceeds 10 to 1.

All of the techniques taught at this session are available on professionally, produced DVD’s that are available for purchase in our shop on this website.

The purpose of this camp is to help the aspiring skilled position football player to improve his techniques and build his confidence in a very intense educationally rewarding experience.

A more extensive curriculum for each position can be found in the  “About” section of this website in our Brochures. Check out our Facebook  page or Youtube channel to see what’s going on!


Wide Reciever
Running Back
Tight End


Linebacker (Inside & Outside)
Defensive Backs (Corners & Safeties)

New in 2017: 1-Day High School Kicking School

The 1-Day Kicking School features a full day of technique work in both kicking and punting.  All areas of kicking will be taught, including kickoffs, extra points, and field goal work.  The school will be led by Indiana Hall of Fame coach Nick Mourouzis, who has been coaching college kickers for over 40 years.

The Kicking School will include 3 2-hour “Opportunities” on the turf game field of DePauw University, and will also include lunch and dinner, and individual film study.  All ability levels are welcome, as the focus of the school is technique improvement and skill development.