High School Down & Dirty Lineman Camps

This camp is for High School offensive and defensive lineman entering grades 9-12. It is in its 13th year of existence in Indiana. It consists of 7 practice “Opportunities” that are spread over a 3 day period.

It is designed to give linemen an intensive experience where the focus is solely on OL/DL play.  College coaches, high school coaches, former campers, and parents consider it to be the finest lineman camp for technique and fundamentals improvement in the country.  We attempt to change the habits of the campers so that every repetition is executed with perfect execution of the fundamentals.

All players wear helmets and shoulder pads and there is considerable upper body contact.  Due to State Athletic Assoc. rules Ohio and Michigan players will wear Helmets only and contact will be with hand shields held by the players.  This is a work camp and players should be prepared for a rigorous educational and physical experience. The coach to player ratio never exceeds 10 to 1. We are very proud of the fact that our campers return to their teams with a powerful increase in there confidence to play the demanding positions of Offensive Centers, Guards, and Tackles as well as Noseguards, Defensive Tackles, and Defensive Ends.

There is also considerable exposure to college coaches who are interested in recruiting quality players.

All of the techniques taught at this session are available on professionally, produced DVD’s that are available for purchase at our shop on this website.

A more extensive curriculum for each position can be found in the  “About” section of this website in our Brochures. Check out our Facebook  page or Youtube channel to see whats going on!

Players are taught the following techniques and skills by 90% of the practice opportunities being fundamental drills:


Stance and Starts
Drive Blocking
Reach Blocking
Second Level Blocking
Combo Blocks
Zone Blocking
Pulling and Trapping
Pass Protection Technique


Stance and Takeoff
Pursuit Angles
Gap Control
Key Education
Pass Rush