Who will be my roommate?

If you wrote down a specific camper, and he is also registered and he wrote your name in as his roommate, you will be roommates.  If you did not write a name, or that specific name is not registered when roommates are assigned (2 Weeks before Camp), you will room with a fellow team member or someone in your age group.  All school groups are roomed together on the same floor if at all possible.  For all of the Full Team Camps the Head Coach of the team will make the roommate assignments.

Is lunch provided on the first day of camp after check in?

Not at the over-night camps. Players should eat lunch prior to check in as the first workout is at 2:00 p.m. and the first meal at these camps is at 5:00 pm.  Lunch  and a snack is provided every day at the commuter camps.

If I want my high school team to come as a group, what do I do?

Contact your coach and have him contact Coach Bill Lynch @ 812-679-8125

Who do I contact if I have Registration Questions?

If you signed up via the Internet or by Mail
For High School Camps – contact Katelyn Lynch (765)748-8208
For Middle School Camps – contact Paul Page (317) 945-5914

Are my parents and/or coaches allowed to watch practices?

Yes, they are encouraged to watch anytime, especially the last practice, which is game-like.

When do I receive my rebate/discount for group attendance?

Coach Bill Lynch will make rebates of CASH after the  2nd or the 4th work-out opportunity of the camp sessions. There is no discount for Middle School Camps.

Where is the check-in on campus?

DePauw University – Bishop Roberts Hall
Taylor University

What do I bring to camp?

Blanket, pillow, sheets, towels, toiletries, socks and underwear, shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes (in case we need to practice in-doors), helmet, shoulder pads, cleats, mouthpiece, cash for camp store and pizza (normally $20-$50) and sun screen.