Who will be my roommate?

If you wrote down a specific camper, and he is also registered and he wrote your name in as his roommate, you will be roommates.  If you did not write a name, or that specific name is not registered when roommates are assigned (2 Weeks before Camp), you will room with a fellow team member or someone in your age group.  All school groups are roomed together on the same floor if at all possible.

If I want my high school team to come as a group, what do I do?

Contact your coach and have him contact Coach Bill Lynch @ 812-679-8125

Who do I contact if I have Registration Questions?

If you signed up via the Internet or by Mail
For High School Camps – contact Bill Lynch (812) 679-8125
For Middle School Camps – contact Paul Page (317) 945-5914

Are my parents and/or coaches allowed to watch practices?

Yes, they are encouraged to watch anytime, especially the last practice, which is game-like.

Where is the check-in on campus?

Taylor University
Taylor University- Kesler Student Activities Center

What do I bring to camp?

Blanket, pillow, sheets, towels, toiletries, socks and underwear, shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes (in case we need to practice in-doors), cleats, mouthpiece, cash for camp store and pizza (normally $20-$50) and sun screen.