We at St. Luke send our football team to Bishop Dullaghan every year.  Again, we won the CYO Cadet Championship.   Anyone who attends our games would recognize that each and every player understands how to play fundamentally sound football.  Our players and coaches hone their skills and learn their techniques during the summer at Bishop Dullaghan.  We appreciate every College and High School Football coach at Bishop Dullaghan who spends their off season teaching our young men.  We know they don’t do it for the money, but for the love of the game.  We truly believe Championships are won in the off season.  Not in the fall.


Coach Page, St. Luke Football Head Coach


This was my 3rd year with this team and while they were a very good team, we never won a championship.  Prior to our season, I decided to take members of our team to the Bishop and Dullaghan Football Camp being held at Taylor University in June.  We needed something to get us over the hump.  Bishop Dullaghan not only provided the best skill instruction for each position, it also provided my players with confidence.  A typical day for these boys at this camp included waking up at 7:00 a.m. and going to bed at 10:45 p.m. complete with 3 practices or “opportunities”, film and motivational speakers to become better football players.  By the end of camp, these boys were exhausted.  However, they knew they worked their tails off and got better.  Also, by spending those 3 1/2 days together, away from their parents and family, they grew as young men and bonded as a team.  There is no doubt in my mind, but for this camp, my team would not have won the City Championship.  When Bishop Dullaghan says: “Champions Start Here”, that’s a fact!  Thank you Coach Dullaghan for all you do.  You are truly the best.


Coach Page
Head Coach
St. Luke 5th Grade
Indianapolis CYO City Champions 2014

Coach Page,

On the drive home from camp yesterday, T.J. said “Dad that was probably one of the most fun things I have ever done”!  Coming from a 7th grade boy, that is pretty high praise!  Thank you for allowing me to work camp, and for the entire staff helping my son get better as a person and player.  Personally, I want to thank you for all the work you did as his receivers coach and helping grow TJ’s love for the game, as well as helping organize and run the camp so smoothly.  Thanks again, I look forward to hopefully doing the same thing next year.


Coach Weeks

My name is Augustus Hancock. I attended the Down And Dirty Lineman Camp this year at Anderson College. I attended the Down And Dirty Lineman Camp at Manchester College in 2008 — really liked both camps more than I can tell you. You might remember me. I am 6’3″ and weigh 250 lbs and will be a junior at Owen Valley High School (Spencer IN), a 4A school. We have a lot of our varsity players coming back this season, so we should be really competitive this year. We had our inner-squad scrimmage last night and it was great. We are in our two weeks of Two-a-Days right now and had a great first week. We play Jeffersonville next Friday for our official Scrimmage then South Putnam for our first game the week after on August 21.

I am so pumped to finally be playing against another team after the winter in the weight room and months of practice and strategy meetings. I am starting at offensive right tackle and defensive tackle plus a spot on the kick-off return and punt teams. I have played football since the 2nd grade and I LOVE IT. During middle school, I decided that I wanted to one day play football for a Midwestern University and then go into the draft — I have been seriously working to these goals. That dream still lives on to this day and I am trying my hardest both in school and out on the field to make this happen. My gpa is about 3.5, and I will better that gpa this year, another goal I will make this year.

In the last couple of years, I decided that I want to coach college and high school football as a career. I want to be involved in football for the rest of my life. I am attending camps during the summers when I can. I attend lineman camps at IU in the past summers (did not get to this year cause I had gone on a fishing trip with my grandpa in North Dakota), and of course Bishop Dullaghan. I also went to the Colts Varsity Combine in April where I learned a lot and had a lot of fun and will be attending it as a senior next April. I will also be attending Danny Hope’s Purdue Lineman Camp next summer, 2010, as an incoming h.s. senior. I love going to these camps because not only do I get to learn more about the game of football, but I get to watch experienced and successful coaches teach football.

I have started varsity at Owen Valley including my freshman year, but it seems that right now, as an incoming Junior, I have never felt so confident in playing the game. Maybe that has to do with getting more experience under my belt, but I also know that spending three days at your camps for two summers now has really made a difference in my football life, Coach. I guess I just wanted to email and say “thanks” and also have you know that I am one of those guys at your camps that is really glad to be there and I really listen to all those great coaches you have there.

In my senior year of high school next year, I want to shadow with Coach Bill Lynch at IU, as part of my senior Expo program. I live very close to Bloomington, and I will apply for that opportunity later this year during my Junior year — my guidance counselor is going to help me with that process. I am psyched to see what coaching at the college level is all about. I also will be helping with junior league football in our community here — I get along great with those little kids. I helped with a middle school football camp this summer, and had a great time.

You will see me at the Anderson camp in ’10, Coach. If there are ever any tips or advice you have for me, I’d sure appreciate it. I am getting signed up on the Clearinghouse soon, by the way. That is an exciting process.

Thanks again, Coach!

Augustus Hancock

Dear Coach Dullaghan,

I would like to thank you for hosting the Bishop-Dullaghan Camp this summer for skilled players. I really enjoyed the camp and told my teammates and coaches that it has helped me so much. I learned a lot of drills and gained some much needed confidence. I played wide receiver this year at Jay County High School. Our team had only a 3-6 record and really underachieved after being 9-4 last year and winning the sectional championship. Last Friday, I played what might potentially be the last football game of my life. After the game I didn’t want to leave the field because it was something that hurt so bad inside of me. I worked real hard this summer and tried so hard in every game this year. I started all 10 games on offense and 5 games on defense (due to a mildly separated shoulder) while also returning kickoffs and punts. I finished the season with just a couple of catches shy of reaching 1000 yards (my goal) and 14 tds but would trade all those numbers for another chance to play again. I might try to play football in college but I have recieved offers for track and field and don’t know if I could do both. My wide receiver coach, who played college football at Hanover, told me he still has his booklet from when he went to camp back in high school. Again I would just like to thank you for running such an influential camp. I will encourage anyone who wants to better himself at football to attend your camp. Feel free to share my story with the campers if you would like to.


Dexter Shreve

Jay County High School
Wide Reciever No. 15 43 catches, 966 yds, 14 tds thanks to Bishop-Dullaghan Camps

Hey Coach Dullaghan,

I don’t know if you would remember me. My name is Danny Richards. I play football at Perry Meridian. I have been to your camp the past five years. This past summer I was at the camp that was supposed to be at Franklin but got moved to Anderson. Anyway, the reason I am emailing you is to say thanks. At the beginning of 8th grade season I really did not know if I wanted to play football. I decided to come to your camp and I fell in love with the game immediately. Right then and there I decided I wanted to play for as long as I could. Going into my freshman year I was only 5 foot and 100 pounds, the smallest kid on the team. I kept after it and year after year after attending your camp I could start to see a big difference in my abilities. Last year, my junior year, I finally had a chance to play varsity and had a pretty good year. I attended your camp for one last year this past season. I got second in the fastest man in camp behind Cathedrals quarterback and made the all camp team for receiver. Our first game this year against Ben Davis didn’t go as well as we planned. As a team we did not play our game at all. But through the game I didn’t quit. I ended up with 8 catches for 136 yards and a 15 yard TD catch. I also had about 60 return yards on kickoff return. By far the best game of my highschool career. I really believe that everything you and the coaching staff at camp has made me the football player I am now. I know you always said you love to hear from your campers about how they played. So I am writing you to say thanks for showing me how to love the game and play it the right way. I hope after the season is over I can get a chance to play at the next level because I never want to stop playing or even stop being around football. Thanks for everything and I will let you know how the rest of the season goes!


Danny Richards

Coach Dullaghan,

This is Jacob Walker from Yorktown High School. I just attended your camp that was supposed to be at Franklin but was at Anderson instead. I have been at your camp the past three years and I speak for our team in saying we appreciate it. Personally, it has developed me into a good quarterback (not great, never satisfied) over the years. I had an incredible opportunity to meet college coaches this past week and I think I was sent to this camp for a reason. You have done more for me than you will probably know. You have taught me several things from football to life lessons. The camp is worth every penny and I wish all the best for you. I would love to come back one day and work that camp. Thank you so much for everything you have done.

Jacob Walker

Coach Dullaghan,

I want to personally thank you for all your hard work/preparation for the camp this week. Corey attended and had a great experience!!! Your camp has come highly recommended from friends, coaches and the community. I wish we would have sent him in middle school. We are so glad he attended this year. Thanks to your wife as well.  I know she was there all week and worked very hard to help the boys. I am the Religious Education Coord. at our parish and I have a program of 200 children so I know what goes into planning such events. It is a lot of work. Your love of the sport and these boys is so obvious so thanks to both of you!!!!! (Especially with the last minute switch of locations!!) Please know that as a parent I appreciate what went into this week. It was a great week for him. My middle school son Matt Babb 7th grader will be attending the Franklin session on June 29th.

See you then,

Sheryl Babb

Coach Dullaghan,

I attended your camp twice when I was in high school–first as a tight end and then as a linebacker. I remember Mark Hermann and Bart Burrell being there. I remember being in linebacker groups with Mike Kovaleski. Before my senior year at Castle High School (Fall of ’82), I attended your camp with two of my teammates, another linebacker and our quarterback. Those two guys ended up being the captains for our team and I was one of two co-captains. We learned a lot during your camp. We found out how good other players in the state were and we found out that we were as good as them. It was a tremendous confidence boost for us and we transferred that to our team. We won the state championship that fall and I’ve just realized how important your camp was in us winning. I’m sure I didn’t thank you back then, so I thank you now. Hopefully my son and his teammates can learn this summer as much as we did 26 years ago.

Look forward to seeing you again this summer.

Pat Lockyear

Coach Dullaghan:

Just a heads up about my son, Mike Watkins, who was a camper with the staff at your Wheaton camp during his junior summer and again in his senior summer at Franklin College.  He graduated last week and will be attending Loras College in Dubuque this fall.  He will be playing QB for Loras.  Each  year he attended your camps he left with improved QB skills and I could see his confidence grow as he matched up with other players from the midwest.  He also used his football discipline to achieve academic excellence during high school and he was awarded an academic scholarship to Loras.
Now I will have the difficult choice of whether to attend my  older son’s games at Wheaton College next fall where he plays as a WR or follow Mikey to Loras.
Thank you for your camps.  We will try to promote the benefits of your camps to Mikey’s former high school team mates.
Semper Fi

Ted Watkins Sr


Just thought I’d let you know my wife and I couldn’t have been happier with you’re camp and how much our son(Seth Sparks) has learned about the game of football. As soon as we got home he shiwed us all the things he has learned about wide receiver. He had a blast and I think he learned alot about responsibility and respect too!

You and your staff do things right and you can count on seeing Seth at one of your skills camps next year.

Thank You So Much,

Craig Sparks

Coach Dullaghan,

Just a short e-mail to thank you, and to tell you how much I enjoyed attending your camp with my son.

The way the camp was orchestrated was a breath of fresh air, having that many middle schoolers at one time, and to keep everything so organized and structured was “awesome “.
My son Eddie pheasant is in his second year of football, he spent his first year basically not being coached, he only had myself working with him after practices and on the weekend.

His knowledge of the game is a little lacking at this point for being a eighth grader, but he has a great work ethic and a willingness to learn. He plays both ways on the line.
As the camp progressed i was thrilled to see the way the camp was structured, all of the fundamentals, drills, and individual coaching that took place. The coaching staff that you had assembled was nothing short of top shelf.

This year I will be coaching my son, and look forward to implementing as many ideas that i took from your camp. I believe I might have enjoyed the camp as much, if not more so, than my son.

My son will definitely be attending your lineman camp next year and look forward to seeing you and your staff again.

Thank you so much, it is an honor and a privilege to say that my son has attended the bishop – Dullaghan football camp.

Edward Pheasant

Coach Dullaghan:

Will and I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful experience at your Xenia, Ohio “Athletes-In-Action” football camp last week. Everything about the camp was outstanding. I also wanted to compliment the coaches. Will especially enjoyed working with Coach Jon Boser.


Please feel free to forward any football resources, information and websites to my email address above.

We will be back next year.

Thanks Again

Ken Buford

Coach Dullaghan,

We sent our son and another player off the team to you this summer to the Anderson middle school camp. Wow what a difference you have made in their young lives. The confidence level was out of this world and the experience was the best of their young lives.  My son plays D end and O line he was a beast and played the entire season with a banged up ankle. The other young man plays fullback and linebacker for me. Coach, this was our season! We finished with a 10-1 record, points for was 185 points against was held to 32. We shut out 6 teams and won the Castle bowl Championship 19-0. We held the opposition to only one first down per half. Due to the face book social site I have stayed in touch with Tom Sappington and applied his 14 things. My players responded with a fantastic effort. I also bought the O line D line DVD it was a god send. I also have read your book and am so inspired by you to do my best to learn young men the best game in the world. I have been coaching youth football for six seasons I have made it to the semi finals every year to get knocked out, till this season where I have applied your and coach sappingtons coaching methods. I now have a Championship to share with my son and the other boys.  My son and some other boys will be back for more than one camp this next year.

Thank you so much,

Matt Rettinger

Coach Dullaghan,

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much my son (Aaron Phillips) enjoyed the recent Middle School Camp at Anderson University from June 23-26.  He is going in to the 8thgrade and this was the first football camp that he has attended.  He is a quarterback for his middle school team and could not say enough good things about the camp.  I noticed a huge difference in his confidence level and I really enjoyed watching the scrimmages on the last day of the camp.  I purchased the QB training video and watched it a couple nights ago.  The next day Aaron and I went outside and I started to work on some of the training tips from the video.  Not only did Aaron know each one, he was able to explain to me in detail the reason behind why it was done that way.  Now that’s impressive!!

I was equally impressed with the coaches that you brought to the camp, and how they never stopped providing instruction.  You have a very fine organization, and I look forward to sending Aaron next summer to the High School Skills camp.


Brian Phillips

Lafayette, Indiana

Coach Dullaghan,

Thank you for working with my son Lex Martin at the Manchester University Bishop/Dullaghan Camp. Lex is a freshman at Scecina Memorial High School. Not only did Lex get the starting job at QB,  Lex found out Friday, he will be starting at QB on the Scecina JV Team which begins their season tonight at Speedway High School at 6:00pm.

He stated during the first week of practice, “we did all of this at the Bishop/Dullaghan Football Camp” about drills, pass routes etc.
Thanks again coach!

Respectfully Submitted,

Jerry Martin

December 10, 2012

Good Morning Coach.

My name is Dan Reutepohler and my son Keyen attended your middle school camp at Depaul U.  this past summer. Don’t know what you and your other coaches did to him at the camp, but it was like he was a different kid afterwards.  This leter is a little past do I realize that but remember you saying that you enjoy some feed back. Well anyway the Southridge Middle School team had a pretty successful year this year with only having two close losses. And Keyen started at left O tackle the whole year and did a very respectable job for a middle school player. What stands out most in my mind though is when he got to play D tackle a few times. One particular time especially, I’ll try and make this simple. As I was saying he was playing D tackle and the ball was on the left side of the field, and he was on the left side of the ball. The other team faked it his way and then reversed it to the right side of the field. Their running back alluded the defenders and was heading for a touchdown when “low and behold” their was Keyen making a solo touchdown saveing tackle clear on the otherside of the field. I was so impressed with the effort that I was dumb founded there for a second. And I let him know that I was proud of the way played, not only for that play but for the way he played the whole season.  One other thing also, his school work has also impoved this year.  So on behalf of myself and his stepdad  [his stepdad and myself both love football and we both get along very well] Thank You for all you and your coaches do for these kids. And Keyen is looking forward to attending the Down And Dirty Lineman Camp and a regular camp this year. Thank You again and have a Happy Holiday Season.


Dan Reutepohler

Hey coach, I am not sure if you remember me from your camp but this is Babcock from the camp at Taylor University. I just wanted to tell you that I got the starting position at quarterback this year! I have been taking no days off and practicing what I learned and have been studying the playbook. My season starts on the 24th of August and I will be sure to let you know how it goes. Thanks coach for your help.

James Babcock – Quarterback/Cornerback from Logansport

PS Also wanted to give credit to the Westfield High Coaches who worked with him

Coach Page,

I am Trevor Kahre, a senior at North Knox High School in southern Indiana. I just wanted to show my appreciation for the Bishop-Dullaghan football camps and all of the coaches involved. I attended the camp when I was in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. The skills I learned are some I still use, and they made me the player I am today. Thanks to the camps, I am accomplishing my dream of playing college football at Marian University! I hope some day to coach at a camp and help kids get to where I am right now!

Trevor Kahre