High School Team Camps

Players will participate in Inside Drills (Run Game), 1 on 1 drills, 7 on 7 drills, and then some 11 on 11 competitive drills against players from one of the 6-8 schools in attendance. Each team will run their own schemes of offensive and defensive plays. The camp includes 7 – 2 hour and 30 minute “opportunities” to improve their individual play as well as their teamwork. Players are housed by school, in college dorms and fed in the college dining facility. All players are in helmets and shoulder pads for their protection, and contact is not live below the waist. Teams are coached primarily by their schools’ coaches. The coordinators for each technique improvement position are college coaches. All techniques taught at the camp are available on DVD. The purpose of this camp is to improve the players’ skills at every position level within a team setting. The practices are very intense and the confidence development of the players is a huge point of emphasis. Team unit morale is improved significantly. This summer we will have 2 Full Team Camp Sessions at DEPAUW U. in June.

A more extensive curriculum for each position can be found in the  “About” section of this website in our Brochures. Check out our Facebook  page or Youtube channel to see whats going on!


New in 2017: 1-Day High School Team Camp

In addition to our two 3-Day sessions of Team Camp, we are also offering a 1-Day High School Team Camp this year.  The camp will feature 3 practice “Opportunities” where each position will be coordinated by an experienced college coach.  All 3 practices will have time set aside for individual technique work, and schools will have the opportunity to scrimmage other schools in 1-on-1, 7-on-7, and full team competition.

This camp provides an excellent opportunity for those schools whose assistant coaches are looking to learn from college coordinators, and for teams who are not able to get their entire squad away for a 3-day camp.  Lunch and dinner will be provided, as well as time and facilities to watch practice tape between opportunities.

Have your coach call
Coach Lynch (812-679-8125) to reserve a spot for your team.