Middle School Commuter Camps

This camp is for Youth players in all football positions entering grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 in the fall of 2017.

This camp is a commuter option to our over night camps and will be held at Chatard High School.  This is a 3 day camp with 9 practice opportunities to get better.  Each opportunity is 2 hours with film review in between each practice session. A typical day for commuter campers is detailed to the right.

Each player will choose an offensive and defensive position. Highly skilled and successful coaches will focus on techniques and fundamentals for those selected positions. The coach to player ratio never exceeds 10 to 1.  We guarantee that the camper will return to his team better prepared and more confident in his ability to play his chosen positions.

All of the techniques taught and many drills used at our camps are available on professionally, produced videos for purchase in the Locker Room Store on this website.  It is highly recommended campers review our techniques and drills before and after camp.  We believe this will optimize the learning experience for each position.

A more extensive curriculum for each position can be found in the  “About” section of this website in our Brochures. Check out our Facebook  page or Youtube channel to see whats going on!